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Hi, my name is Gorm Casper and I’m a designer and frontend developer with almost 10 years of experience in html and css and four years directly involved with industry; three of those working primarily in JavaScript. I have expert knowledge of modern (and old) browsers, and experience in building dynamic websites using the newest technologies. Education and practical experience in planning and carrying out both qualitative and quantitative tests as well.

(+45) 29 41 26 99


Here are three different projects I’ve done involving code. They generally focus on a functional style of writing JavaScript, however these days I work almost exclusively in an object oriented environment.

nod.jsdocumentation & examples
Easily my most popular repository on github. While writing my thesis I needed a plugin for validating online forms. I couldn’t find one I liked (oddly they all seem to be aimed at developers who don’t know JavaScript), and decided it was a good project to take CoffeeScript for a spin. For a while I kept up with the bug fixes (I even did a total rewrite in pure JavaScript in a more functional style), but I’ve since lost interest and moved on to other projects.
cherries.jsdocumentation & examples
My favorite side project. While rewriting nod I found myself needing curried versions of basic functions such as map and filter while still preferring to have zero dependencies outside jQuery, so I wrote some core stand-alone functions written in a functional style, for when you don’t need an entire library.
Introduction to using compose and autoCurry
A small introduction I wrote on one of the core ideas of “real” functional languages. The concepts are entirely possible to work with in JavaScript, but even so-called functional libraries, such as underscore, do not include them (to be fair, compose is included). I wrote a far more condensed version for a coworker focusing mostly on code examples.

Prototyping & testing

Some prototypes used for testing out ideas and concepts. All of them have been used in a “carry my laptop around to co-workers and do quick testing + follow up questions” and consequently they were only built to work in Chrome.

Feel free to snoop around the code; just be aware that they’ve all gone through several of quick “now let’s try this” iterations of very rapid coding.

I picked these four experiments because they show different approaches and how I’ve used prototypes at very different stages in development, and not so much because they are “exemplary” in any way.

Box tool testing: 01, 02, and 03
Different stages (not necessarily in order) of testing some settings for a “box tool”. We went with a very different (not shown) version that included fewer stylistic options (surprisingly nobody seemed to care about them).
Tag system
Some prototype of how a tag system could work. The mockup is surprisingly detailed; you can add and remove tags and they will be instantly filterable. We got good feedback internally, but eventually decided to with a completely different approach to organizing items.
Zooming (Chrome only)
A super quick mockup to see if zooming could be used as a way to navigate around a large number of items (e.g., images). Click on the squares to zoom in, and again to zoom out.
We quickly decided against that idea (based on this prototype), but I still find the idea at least somewhat intriguing.
Controls (Chrome only)
Again a quick mockup to test a certain kind of UI control. It works similar to a <select> element, but it’s showing the result of the selection as soon as you hover on one of the options (see corners of the box). We also decided against this approach.


Gorm Casper
Kløverbladsgade 9, 1
2500 Valby
(+45) 29 41 26 99


Software developer / Zmags2013 - Present
Working with frontend and design in a team of about 9 developers and 2 designers on a web app. I do work ranging from maturing stories (pre development), to mocking up ideas for rapid testing, to implementing solutions in JavaScript. The frontend consists of a Backbonejs framework (that means object oriented programming), with LESS css, gruntjs, git, and npm included in the setup.
UX Designer & Frontend developer / Place2Book2009 - 2013
My role was everything design, UX, and frontend, plus the rare backend fix when necessary. The backend was built in Ruby on Rails, and when I joined I introduced Sass, jQuery, and later CoffeeScript and Bootstrap.
Co-founder / Planely2010 - 2012
Finding backenders to accompany me in building a web app. The backend was first written in PHP (Zend framework), but later we changed to Haskell and Yesod framework for some functional fun. I did everything design (both online and offline), presentations, team building and recruiting, as well as the entire frontend.
Teaching2006 - 2012
I have done various small teaching jobs, both in secondary school (usually 8-10th grade) teaching one of my subjects; and while studying at ITU I have been TA in a Web Design course a few semesters giving lectures on jQuery and Javascript.
Freelancer2002 - 2013
Until I joined Zmags in 2013 I was taking in various small frontend and design projects on a freelance basis. The jobs were generally quite varied, ranging from simple static html pages to full fledged UX research and frontend implementation on existing backends.
CSS Spec work / whatwg2006
I took at year off studies to work with WHATWG on the spec for what became html5 and css3. This was back when XHTML2 was the next big thing. The work I did consisted mostly of documenting css rendering errors in browsers. During this time I also worked on a friend’s startup that eventually failed.


CoffeeScript, LiveScript, Dart, Backbonejs, jQuery, React, Bootstrap, …
HTML5, Jade, different templating libraries
Interface- and experiment mockups
Usually built using the above technologies


Digital Design & Communication, ITU (Cand.It.)2010 - 2013
Master in Digital Design & Communication with UX as speciality.
Blaagaard Seminarium2005 - 2010
Bachelor in teaching mathematics, English, Social science, and History.
Danish Technical University, DTU2002 - 2004
Chemical Engineering.


Danish - Native
English - Professional proficiency (Spoken & Written)
Spanish - Beginner
German - Beginner
Lindy Hop (dancing)
Web design and technologies
Didactics & education