Curriculum Vitae

Designer & Frontend developer with more than 10 years
of experience. Passionate about JavaScript and css.
Gorm Casper
Kløverbladsgade 9, 1
2500 Valby
(+45) 29 41 26 99


Software developer / Founders
2015 - Present

Working in a very small team in purely js (both front and back), creating prototypes, proof of concepts and what will eventually ammount to real projects.

Software developer / Zmags
2013 - 2015

Working with frontend and design in a team of about 9 developers and 2 designers on a web app. I do work ranging from maturing stories (pre development), to mocking up ideas for rapid testing, to implementing solutions in JavaScript. The frontend consists of a Backbonejs framework (that means object oriented programming), with LESS css, gruntjs, git, and npm included in the setup.

UX Designer & developer / Place2Book
2009 - 2013

My role has been everything design, UX, and frontend, plus the rare backend fix when necessary. The backend is built in Ruby on Rails, and when I joined I introduced Sass, jQuery, and later CoffeeScript and Bootstrap.

Co-founder / Planely
2010 - 2012

Finding backenders to accompany me in building a web app. The backend was first written in PHP (Zend framework) at first, but later we changed to Haskell and Yesod framework for some functional fun. I did everything design (both online and offline), presentations, team building and recruiting, as well as the entire frontend.

Teaching 2006 - 2012

I have done various small teaching jobs, both in secondary school (usually 8-10th grade) teaching one of my subjects; and while studying at ITU I have been TA in a Web Design course a few semesters giving lectures on jQuery and Javascript.

Freelancer 2002 - 2013

For the past ten years or so I have been taking in various small frontend and design projects on a freelance basis. The jobs have been extremely varied, ranging from simple static html pages to full fledged UX research and frontend implementation on existing backends.

CSS Spec work / whatwg

I took at year off studies to work with WHATWG on the spec for what became html5 and css3. The work I did consisted mostly of documenting css rendering errors in browsers. During this time I also worked on a friend’s startup that eventually failed.


Some technologies that come to mind:

Javascript (every day!), CoffeeScript, LiveScript, React (flux, reflux, redux), Elm (wow), Backbone (at work), ES6 (babel), postal.js (exploring microservices in frontend dev), transducer-js (Rich Hickey is a pretty smart guy).

nodejs, npm, grunt, gulp, bower, and probably some more.

Css, less, sass, stylus (my fav of the bunch).

Html5, jade. Templating engines such as underscore’s version and handlebars.

I have also been toying around with other languages to pick up ideas. Mostly Haskell, Python, and a little lisp (sicp!).

Frontend development is still finding its own legs I believe, so we have new frameworks popping up every day, and it’s pretty much impossible to stay on top of it and get stuff done. I do my best (I am more interested in the novel ideas than the framework itself though), but honestly I spend more time getting better at the fundamentals instead. It seems to be a more valuable use of my time.


Digital Design & Communication, ITU (Cand.It.) 2010 - 2013

Master in Digital Design & Communication with UX as speciality.

Blaagaard Seminarium 2005 - 2010

Bachelor in teaching mathematics, English, Social science, and History.

Danish Technical University, DTU 2002 - 2004

Chemical Engineering.